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has been awarded a QRIS Rating of Level 2, EEC  has expressed the following:  "Your efforts to demonstrate a quality educational program for young children is verified by meeting the Department of Early Education and Care’s robust licensing standards and the criteria at Level 2 as evidenced by a review of your use of the measurement tools and your back-up documentation."

TIDBITS CHILDCARE, will continue to enhance our educational goals to meet  EEC standards of all QRIS Levels.  
Key Indicators of Quality
The QRIS Standards are grounded in child development principals and practices that are strongly linked to effective, high quality education and care and out of school time opportunities for children and youth.

Curriculum and Learning
This domain includes the development and assessment of developmentally appropriate curriculum, the "serve and return" interactions between teacher and child, and attention to children with special needs and diverse language and cultures. Indicators of high quality include daily and weekly lesson plans, ongoing professional development and feedback to ensure fidelity to the curriculum model.

.Family and Community Engagement
High-quality programs recognize the interconnectedness between the child, the family, the community and the program itself. Relationships with families are built on mutual trust, respect and a willingness to involve them as full partners, while providing them with information, resources and support. Indicators of quality include the presence of an active parent Advisory Board; the capacity of the program to connect families to resources, including adult education and job training, and to assistance around children's development, early literacy, math, and approaches to learning.



MA Department of Early Education and the Quality Rating Improvement System